Jacinda Clemenzi * Piotr Mitros * Ziaieh Sobhani * Stefanie "Princess Flufflepuff" Tellex


BunnyBot was our entry into the Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory held at MIT in 2002. It performed fairly well. It was the only robot our year capable of bringing back a target beacon.


  1. Drive to waypoint 1 by dead reconing (we know there are no obstacles in the way). Bring it home by odometry.
  2. Triangulate locations of targets, pick closest one
  3. Go in straight line towards closest beacon, periodically triangulating to get distance. To avoid obstacles, we use forward IR. If we detect on obstacle in front of the robot closer than the target, we:
  4. Pick up closest beacon, and use same algorithm to bring it home
  5. Repeat from step 2.

See the images for (slightly) more information.